Parent Meeting Update

Here is a link to the meeting agenda

Team Camp Update: I've decided that if we have enough kids for the three team camps, then I want to go to all three.  

  • Camp #1 - BHS (May 31 - June 1)
  • Camp #2 - U-Mary (June 9th, change from original June 2nd date
  • Camp #3 - SD Mines in Rapid City (July 25-26, change from original June 6-7)

What you need to do: decide which one(s) you can go to, and text me. I will start a page and start listing who's going to what camp. If we have enough players for a team camp, we go. If we don't, we cancel.

Open Gym Update: I received a lot of questions on when it starts - Tuesday, June 4th is the first open gym we will have.

Booster Club Update: Thanks to those parents that have replied! I really appreciate it. Again, what we're looking for right now is volunteers to get the club started. Also, we need to get some sponsors lined up to pay for team camp expenses. When I get the specifics on how to run the club, we can start accepting sponsorships.

Here is who I have received texts from with their contact info. If your name isn't on here, get it to me ASAP so I can keep you updated.

  1. Brandon Lewis-Vollmers
  2. Cole Svihovec
  3. Jess Buechler
  4. Riley Olson
  5. Ethan Van Vleet
  6. Kaden Stewart
  7. Derek Wax
  8. Zac Thompson
  9. Tyler Boone
  10. Dawson Keller
  11. Cole Parisien
  12. Grant Edison
  13. Nick Janes
  14. Corey Helm
  15. Aaron Traeholt
  16. Meric Beck
  17. Tanner Holzer
  18. Austin Ellingson
  19. John Holt
  20. Hunter Humann
  21. Brayden Traxel
  22. Darren Wilke
  23. Jaeger Marchant
  24. Taylor Pinks